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AAA  Class Policies

  • Advance registration is required for all AAA Classes and Programs. 
  • New! Classes and events can be registered online! 
  • Club registrations and gift card redemptiond require in-store or phone registration. 
  • Upon registration, you will be given a supply list for your class.
  • Guests, children, pets, and walk-ins are not permitted in classes. 
  • Minimum enrollment is required for each class. 
  • If maximum enrollment is met, classes will be closed to further enrollment.  If minimum enrollment is not met, classes will be cancelled, and fees will be refunded. 
  • Machine Basics classes are FREE if your machine is purchased at AAA Sewing. There is a non-refundable kit fee of $7 per class which includes thread, needles, fabric, oil and much more to get you started on the right path.
  • No refunds will be made if a student cancels less than one week before class start date.
Did you buy your Baby Lock Serger from AAA Sewing and want to learn more about it? Do you want to go beyond just finishing edges and hemming with these amazing machines? Then this club is for you! Come join us in this hands on club where you will delve further into learning all the features and fabulous techniques using the specialty feet. Please sign up for clubs in store or via phone!

Cost: $ 89.00
Do you own the amazing Solaris/Destiny or the Luminaire/Dream Machine with the latest upgrade? Come join Salima in this hands on club where you will delve further in learning all the features of these machines, including IQ Designer. Please sign up for clubs in store or via phone!

Cost: $ 89.00
This monthly hands on club will explore the wonderful features of these amazing machines. The club will explore built in features, specialized feet and design packs enhancing them with our built in features.

Cost: $ 89.00
V8 Bernina Software owners will work through exercises designed to plumb the depths of this amazing program. Bring your laptop to this hands on computer class.

Cost: $ 89.00
Please join us for this hands on software club to explore and learn all of the exciting aspects of the Embellish Maker Software. In class, we will be exploring features such as applique, digitizing, fonts, rhinestones and cut files, just to name a few! This user friendly software will elevate your sewing experience and enhance your Scan N' Cut world! Please sign up for clubs in store or via phone!

Cost: $ 89.00
Do you have one of those affordable cute little embroidery machines with a 4" hoop? Have you already gone through all the built in designs, but do not know that there is SEW much more that you can do? Are you ready to step into the world of free standing lace, zippered bags and other in the hoop designs, vinyl, cork, and leather, just like the big machines? Each class you will learn a new techniques and take home a finished item, as well as an exclusive AAA Sewing Pattern. This club is open to all AAA Sewing purchased embroidery machines with a 4" hoop or larger. Please sign up for clubs in store or via phone! 4th Wednesday, 2p - 5p

Cost: $ 89.00
Join us once a month as we talk about all things Machine Embroidery. No need to bring your machine - this is a Lecture/Demo class. We will be featuring new embroidery projects and techniques so get ready to learn about your favorite hobby - embroidery! Bring a USB stick to class and you will receive a FREE Embroidery design to try at home. You'll be inspired to learn with your embroidery friends!

Cost: $ 89.00
Calling all Leif Eriksons! Did you ever want to be a famous Viking Explorer? Well, now you can be! But, instead of exploring Greenland, we will be exploring our Vikings (sewing machines, that is). At our monthly hands-on meetings, we will work on a variety of projects. We will explore feet, tools and other notions, and the many features of our Viking sewing machines. If you have questions about how to use your machine, this is the place to find your answers. We will be concentrating on exploring some jewels (Rubies and Diamonds) and, of course, we will be having some Epic adventures as well. This means the projects are designed to take advantage of the features of the Designer Ruby and above. Please sign up for clubs in store or via phone!

Cost: $ 89.00
Have you ever wanted to sew or need a refresher course? This class is for you! In this class you will learn how to read a pattern, cut your fabric and finally sew a pair of pajama pants for you or your loved one. Sewing terminology will also be discussed. Grab a friend and take this class together - you'll have a fun time and walk out with a cute pair of pajama pants!

Cost: $ 40.00
Once a quarter we will gather together for a yummy breakfast with friends! Come in with your projects that you have created from a class at AAA Sewing and your name will be entered in a prize drawing. In addition, you will also receive a project kit...after we demo it for you of course! No Machine Required. Please sign up for clubs in store or via phone!

Cost: $ 40.00
Have you just purchased this software or need a refresher course? Then this class is for you. Join Salima as she teaches you the ins and outs of this powerful software. This is a hands on class, so you will bring your laptop (with an external mouse) and with the software loaded onto your laptop, you will work along with Salima.

Cost: $ 45.00
Join Salima and make an adorable project from the comfort of your home! This sticky notes holder is functional for everyone. The $40 class cost includes the design too!

Cost: $ 40.00


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