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After 15+ years of waiting... Get ready to witness something truly historic! Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of this groundbreaking event as we unveil BERNINA's latest masterpiece. Join us and be among the first to experience the cutting-edge innovation and exceptional quality of BERNINA's top-of-the-line machine!


Pre-order your the brand new, long awaited Bernina 990 top-of-the-line machine with a fully refundable $1,000.00. 


You're going to want to be the first to hear about something truly magical that is about to happen. Stay tuned, each week BERNINA will unveil more ways to create your MAGIC!


BERNINA has created an amazing opportunity for you to join an exclusive group of sewists. Be the first to own the new top-of-the-line machine - the B990 - as a charter VIP member.


$1,000 secures your place in line. Pre-order today and BERNINA will include you every step of the way on their exciting journey. Bernina will assign each machine a number, and as a VIP member, you are assigned one of those first numbered machines.


A $1,000 refundable deposit enrolls you in the BERNINA Charter VIP Membership. Benefits include:


·  A guaranteed spot in line

·   Assigned specific numbered machine

·   Access to exclusive videos & updates

·   Weekly messages & updates about your machine

·   VIP classes

·   12 months of continued check-ins

·   A link to watch the 990 reveal at Bernina University - You get to see it when we do!!

·   In store special discounts


Call us today at 310-245-1744 , PRE-ORDER YOUR BERNINA 990!

Pre-order today and receive a free gift from BERNINA!



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Welcome to AAA Sewing & Fabric

AAA Sewing & Fabric is an authorized sales and service retailer for sewing brands: Bernina, Baby Lock, Brother, Pfaff, Viking, Koala, Horn, and Sebo vacuum brand. We carry a large variety of quilting cotton fabric and knit fabrics for any type of sewing project. We also provide a full line of notions and patterns, sewing machine and vacuum cleaner accessories along with our expertise so that you can find exactly what you need!

If you're having an issue with your sewing machine, let us take a look at your machine! It could be an easy fix. Or if you think it is a bigger problem, our factory-trained technicians can repair it on site. For 44 years, we've worked on vintage, basic and even state of the art machines. All of our repairs and service is done on site by the owner himself along with a trained technician.  

Our service department provides service for all models and brands of sewing machines, sergers and embroidery machines. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time for our repairs, mostly 3-5 days f we have the parts in our inventory.  (due to Covid  and the demand for mask making, our repairs are currently taking up to 2 weeks).   We know you need your sewing machine and we do our very best to get them in and out of the store as quick as possible. Read more about our services here.
And, we are excited to offer a variety of quilting, garment, sewing, embroidery, machine lessons and specialty technique classes to help inspire your creativity and and enhance your love of sewing! Come in and experience all that we have to offer! We'd love for you to join many of our long-time customers and become a part of our AAA Sewing & Fabric community! 


What Our Customers Are Saying About Us:

Salima is a thoughtful patient teacher. I haven’t found a question she can’t answer. She understands how to organize content so that we learn in a sequence that seems to work well for both beginners and advanced students. I’m so grateful to have found her. I was very frustrated with learning My Design Center before I found her. There was no one I could find locally or online who taught in way that created success. So grateful that Covid happened, just kidding!

Joann K. 3/18/22

Hi Salima!  Just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated meeting you, talking to you, shopping and learning from you this year.  AAA Sewing and Fabric is just a bright shiney star of a business that I was blessed to discover.  I love all of the virtual class offerings and have learned so much about my machines.  Your Wednesday fabric sales and Friday Sundays are not to be missed.  Everyone that I have interacted with has just been so helpful and friendly.  The sense of joy and fun and love of sewing is so apparent and comes across in every medium!

Margre L. 12/18/21

AAA Sewing and Fabric is my favorite place to shop. Quality fabrics that are different from others you'll see in most shops. Wonderful, helpful staff who go out of their way to please their customers. And great classes on line. Don't forget to tune in each Wednesday night for their fabric sales and news about their latest classes. If you love to sew, quilt or craft, you'll love AAA Sewing and Fabric! And if you're looking for a new sewing machine - shop here. You won't regret it!
Meriam W. 1/6/22

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