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Lights, Camera, Action!
Covid changes everything. Well almost everything. We opened an online store (shop here)! We started virtual classes (sign up here)! We're doing Facebook Live Fabric Sales every Wednesday (click here)! Now I'm filming my next series of IQ Designer videos for Baby Lock from my home studio. It's been a different experience where we are in control of the angles, lighting and what we show. It's been a learning experience for sure.

So here I am creating 3 more videos in the series - Volumes 5, 6 and 7 will be out soon. I look relaxed but believe me, it's been hard (and fun) work!

We've already started taking pre-orders for Volumes 5, 6 and 7 in a special bundle. The bundle includes an autographed set of the 3 video volumes and a special fabric bundle! These are limited quantities so you'll want to purchase quickly.

I have to get back to the studio and store. We've got tons of fall classes and events, including some that are free! Please take a look and sign up so that you get more inspiration and learn new techniques. Thanks for your well wishes, support and friendship. Take care and hope to see you soon!


Enter the It Takes a Village Sweepstakes
Surprise! We're sharing something new: a sweepstakes that supports the video tutorial for the It Takes a Village Quilt. You can win a fabric kit to make 16 of the adorable blocks you saw in the video. All you have to do is click here to enter! Hurry - entries are accepted until 8/22/20. Enjoy and good luck to everyone!

Behind the Scenes...or Maybe Behind the Seams!
Hi friends,
I've been working behind the scenes on some fun, new things. It's been in the works for a while and I've decided to let the cat out of the bag...Introducing Salima Creates! It is a new venture where I'm offering pre-recorded sewing classes available for anyone, anytime. Don't worry, I will still do live classes and tutorials too.  
Just to get everyone familiar with the classes, I will be doing my first video for the In-the-Hoop Embroidery House Block from It Takes a Village Quilt. If you have been following on email and Facebook, you may recognize it as the blocks we created while we were quarantined. These house block symbolized us sewing together as a community even while we were apart. If you want to learn how to make these blocks quickly and in the hoop, please see pre-recorded video tutorial
If you want to see the video, just click on this link and you'll see the Facebook Live video I did. And if you'd like to learn more, please  like Salima Creates Facebook page. You can get more projects, tips and videos in the future. Can't wait to see you there! 

Reopening the Store and Other Transformations

To the AAA Sewing Community,

You've stuck with us through thick and thin and we've felt your support along the way. From our first Facebook live fabric sale, to new Zoom classes and our  virtual education events. We loved your participation with the shop - and we are forever grateful.


Now, we have reopened for business: in store or online! In-store, we have implemented health and safety measures to make you feel comfortable while shopping in our store. We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 3pm.


If you're not comfortable visiting us in person, you can alway "visit us' online - We've added hundreds of fabrics and notions. You can even pick them up through our convenient and contactless drive through process.


To celebrate our Grand Reopening, we are announcing a sale:

  • We are allowed to ship Baby Lock and Bernina machines locally. We can also provide curbside pick up and even deliver with in a 25 miles radius!
  • Financing options are available at all price points!
  • We will also match competitors' pricing so please do not hesitate to ask!


Click below and if any of these machines interest you, please contact me with your name, phone number and machine you're interested in. I will personally call you with details and would love to make a deal! So please join me in celebrating our Grand Reopening. We're celebrating a lot of things. But mostly our connectedness through our love of sewing. 

With gratitude,


Staying together, even when we're at home.If you haven't seen the post on Facebook or on our Events Page, we are creating an adorable house block for a community quilt. It's called, It Takes A Village:Let's all come together and Sew a Block! Use the FREE pattern found here and sew a block. You can use any cotton fabric of your choice. You can even add an embroidery if you choose. Be sure to autograph your name on the front of the block. When you are done, please drop if off at the store. Once we receive all the blocks back, we will put it together. It will be our FIRST AAA Sewing and Fabric Quilt! I'm not sure what the quilt will look like. I'm sure it will have everyone's favorite colors and patterns. Each block will be individual, just like each sewist. Once it's quilted, it will show how we were "together" without being together during this quarantine. So please join in because we'd love to see you in this quilt!


There's so much that's happened in a month...

I don't know where to start other than to say Thank You to all of our wonderful customers who have been following our Facebook page, purchasing gift cards, supporting our store and community in so many ways. I, like you, feel like all this change is hard on me and the family. So, one of the ways that makes me feel like I can contribute to the cause and community is by making face masks.

Early in the shut down, I posted instructions for making face masks. After a few weeks of getting the store online (machines and fabrics are for sale online now!), rescheduling events and doing more communicating through social media, I was able to get this video tutorial on our YouTube page. It works for sewers and non-sewers so please share with anyone who may need to make a mask. 

Here's your chance to make a difference: Make a gift for a friend who feels isolated with a mask made of novelty or festive fabric. Make and donate your masks to first responders or essential workers who have to work every day so they know others care about them. It will give your skills and talents a much needed work out in these tough times and maybe it is a reason to get out of bed!

When you've gone through your stash, come back to us. We will continue to be the friendly, local quilt shop for your favorite, high quality fabrics. And now that we're online, you can visit our online store and peruse the fabric you'd like to acquire for your next fun project. 

Thanks for being a part of our community and all the love and support you have shown. I'll continue to try to make the best of our situation, keep you posted on new happenings and share tutorials so we can do what we love - sew!  If there is a tutorial you'd like to see, send me an email. I can't wait to get back to normal and see everything you've been able to create during this tough time!



Hey everyone,
Since everyone is probably sewing at home, we decided to launch an online Sewalong on Facebook! Join us starting Tues., 3/24 and we'll be able to share our fabric selections, tips and techniques we've learned along the way and the final projects. If you miss any of the videos, you can scroll through and watch the previous ones on our Facebook page. Click here to see the first video.


Hey everyone,
Maybe you've seen our announcement on Facebook (you can follow us here!) or maybe you haven't. We've launched our very own pattern line! It's so very exciting because our loyal customers who have purchased their sewing machines from us are the ones who get access to them through their club membership. These patterns are created and tested by our amazing education team. (Did you see their class preview at Teacher's Open House 3/1???) 

Our clubs meet monthly, delve further features and techniques through a hands-on project. Want to learn more about our clubs? Take a
look at all of our fun clubs here!


Hey everyone,
We are hiring for a part-time sales associate to join our team! If you or someone you know who would be interested, please send your resume to Salima at

What does a Sales Associate do?

As the public face of the company the Sales Associate is responsible for dealing with any and all customer questions about the products and services. S/he is expected to be continuously updating their knowledge of the company products, services, and policies. Another key responsibility is maintaining the presentation of the sales floor, products, signage, and displays.

Sales Associate Responsibilities:

  • Greeting customers, responding to questions, improving engagement with merchandise and providing outstanding customer service.
  • Operating cash registers, managing financial transactions, and balancing drawers.
  • Achieving established goals.
  • Directing customers to merchandise within the store.
  • Maintaining an orderly appearance throughout the sales floor.
  • Introducing promotions and opportunities to customers.
    • Cross-selling products to increase purchases.
    • Increasing in store sales.  

    Sales Associate Requirements:

  • An Associate’s degree or high school diploma.
  • Retail sales experience.
  • A professional appearance.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and focus on customer satisfaction in a fast-paced environment.
  • The ability to read, write, and perform basic math.
  • The ability to stand and walk for extended periods of time.
    • Sewing knowledge is desirable but not required. We are willing to invest in the candidate and train the employee on the wonderful aspects of the sewing industry!


    I think it's hard to apply Marie Kondo's cleaning and organizing theories to sewists because almost everything about sewing brings us joy!  Which is why we tend to keep everything. And because one of the most common new year's resolutions is cleaning up clutter, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is, "How do you organize your sewing room?"

    Our customers openly say that their sewing rooms are in a state of chaos and clutter. (You may know what that feels like!) Anyway, some of these customers sew for pleasure, but also for revenue.  So it's important to be organized and systematized as possible. Creating an ejoyable space makes it open, inviting and helps foster their creativity. 

    Here are some of the ways I like to approach cleaning up a sewing room. In any typical sewing room or space, there are three main components:  1) Furniture, 2) Storage compartments, and 3) Items that require storage.  

    1) Furniture: This includes cabinets, chairs, cutting and ironing tables, artistic presses, desks, tables, shelves, etc. – these items which contribute to the productivity of your sewing spaces immensely.  Sewing tables and cabinets are specifically designed for sewists and can be custom to your needs. There are ones that have sections that fold away when not in use, folding tables (that are totally collapsible) and cabinets that can be utilized for multiple different machines. The furniture utilized in your sewing rooms may drastically affect your and can make it look organized and neat, or cluttered and congested. Fancier options like electric (air lift) cabinets or manual lift cabinets are perfect for someone who wants to invest in their space. My favorite are the notions trays are available for each drawer in the cabinet.  Even chairs are available with storage compartments for maximization of space. Who knew?

    2) Storage: My favorite ways to store items are clear drawers that pullout or are stackable. If I don't see it, it doesn't exist. These are a fantastic solution to maintaining a tidy, organized sewing area. When I utilize smart storage, I can maximize every inch of accessible space. For example, thread may be sorted in boxes specifically designed for them because I want to see them all. Stackable caddies may be utilized for projects that are ongoing. There are even clear, hanging organizers that conserve space because they can be hung, rather than stacked.  Cute wall buckets for storing items can be a decorating and storage option. 

    3) Items that need storage: Let's be real, everything needs a storage space! I've seen ironing boards attached to the tops of shelves, which is a great idea. And folding your fabrics in certain ways will allow you store large amounts of them, which is absolutely crucial.  (I think I should do a video on how to store fabric soon.) It's important to label each container in a concise manner like machine feet.  They may be placed in containers with dividers and lids, so that they are in one specific place, rather than in a junk drawer. These are valuable and sometimes expensive items so I like to treat them as gems. 

    We're happy to talk about organizing you with you. We can show you the latest sewing cabinets, tables, chairs and storage containers for all your sewing needs.  Let us help you to start the New Year right!

    Sewingly Yours,



    Why Decorative Stitches?


     Decorative stitches, according to Liz Johnson, editor at, “are tiny pieces of thread art.”  Although loved and adored by many, they are often forgotten and overlooked, due to the focus that we place on the seams of a project’s construction.  Just a few decorative stitches add so much to any project.  One may experiment with different colors and types of thread (i.e., polyester, variegated, rayon, metallic, neon), spacing of stitches and stitch widths, which will produce various textural effects.  The possibilities of what to embellish with decorative stitches are endless.  For example, aprons, matching bed sheets and pillowcases, pillows, purses/bags, bath and tea towels, appliqués, garments, wall hangings, heirloom sewing, basically anything!  Whatever the project, decorative stitches will enhance their aesthetic value immensely

    Other creative ways to use these stitches are when quilting.  One may utilize decorative stitches when stitching in the ditch or when sewing down bindings, to embellish ribbons or when sewing strips of fabric together (border stitch).  Outline stitches are used for outlining your design.  Detached stitches fill in open areas of designs and filling stitches can create shading or fill.

    Decorative stitches add texture and will take one’s project from the ordinary to extraordinary.  One is only limited by the scope of one’s imagination.

    Monogramming to the Rescue!

    Welcome to AAA SEWING & FABRIC’s first blog posting!  Please check in with us regularly, as we will constantly be updating our blog.  Thank you for visiting us here, and please stay connected with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

    In my household, my sons are always fussing about whose towel belongs to whom.  I have opted to have towels of the same color for my boys, as they match the colors of the bathroom.  A simple solution to this problem was embroidering their initials on the towels.  I chose a large built-in monogram on my embroidery machine for this task.   Not only have I eliminated the confusion revolving around the ownership of the towels, but these simple decorative details also added immensely to the whole décor of the bathroom.

    Monogramming can be useful in other situations as well.  One can personalize gym towels, clothing and accessories, notebooks/binders, purses/backpacks, items for a wedding (i.e., napkins), phone cases, pillows, hats, umbrellas, basically anything!!!

    Sewingly Yours,


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